Mike is a software engineer, weather enthusiast, constant learner, and reading group leader.

For career opportunities, consulting engagements, or general inquiries, please say hello!

What People Say About Mike

Andrew Mitchell

VP of Engineering

Mike is a thoughtful and pragmatic engineer. He has impressed me with his ability to navigate complex legacy codebases quickly, as well as design simple and elegant solutions to tough problems.

Anthony Garone

Director of Technology

Mike is an exceptionally talented software developer. He is genuine, honest, and legitimately cares about the craft of software development.

Kaled Deeb

Scrum Master, Product Dev.

If you are looking for a professional and Mike happens to be available, I recommend you add him to your team. He will help you build the right product/feature, build [it] the right way, and do both while maintaining a positive culture on his team.

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